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Supercooling video

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Supercooled Water - Explained!

Many videos on YouTube show water freezing almost instantaneously. This video shows you how to replicate the experiment and it explains how the ...

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supercooled water

Experiments at Lenape High School from a few years ago involving bottles of Fiji water that are super-cooled but still in liquid form. Ice crystals form when the ...

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How to Supercool Water: A SciShow Experiment

Water doesn't always freeze when it's supposed to. Learn about supercooling, and how to supercool a bottle of water at home -- and then turn it to ice instantly!

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Supercooled Water

Any questions or doubts, see Supercooled 2.

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What is Supercooled Water?

Hip Science makes science demonstration videos cooler than ever— super cool, to be exact. Justin fuses science with rap to create something fresh and hip!

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Super Cooled Nickel Ball in Gasoline

A liquid nitrogen cooled nickel ball placed in gasoline. WARNING *For your safety do not attempt to recreate ANYTHING you see here at home! SUBSCRIBE: ...

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Self Freezing Coca-Cola (The trick that works on any soda!)

Take any bottle of soda, and get it to freeze on command! This “super cool\

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Supercooling, also known as undercooling, is the process of lowering the temperature of a liquid or a gas below its freezing point without it becoming a solid.

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Over 28 million views!!! Supercooling Trick: How to Chill A Coke!

How to Chill A Water! http://supercooling.purzuit.com/video/7H239WWNxlQ.html DIY: How to turn an old book into a decoration!

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Supercooled liquid freezes instantly!


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Supercooling Experiment 1

supercooled water freezes.

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Nucleation and Supercooled Water

Nucleation and Supercooled Water by Michael Scheer Some clips taken from these two youtube videos: http://supercooling.purzuit.com/video/ph8xusY3GTM.html ...

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Super-Cooling Water (Snap-Freezing)

Just a video of a bottle of water left in a car overnight. The temperature went down to 24 degrees Fahrenheit but the water didn't freeze. When I hit the bottle in ...

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Entropy Change for a Supercooled Liquid

Calculate the entropy change when a supercooled fluid goes to equilibrium. Made by faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Chemical and ...

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How To Instantly Freeze Supercooled Water!

Bottle of supercooled water forms instant ice crystals, freezing liquid, supercooling liquid science experiment! How to supercool/surfusion and freeze any bottle ...

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supercooled magnet

video shows how supercooling by applying liquid nitrozen changes the physical property of substance.

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How to Freeze Water like Elsa! (Supercooling Explained) | Maddie Moate

How to instantly freeze water like Elsa from Frozen! If you want a more in depth explanation of super cooling, check out the links below! This video has been ...

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Radiolab Supercools A (Tiny) Horse

Special thanks to the Center for Studies in Physics and Biology, Rockefeller University.

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Tutorial and Explanation here: http://goo.gl/lj7tQ No vfx or sodium acetate used. How to: Read the description. Freeze water instantly. Tutorial How to do it: 1.

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several experimnts by sodium acetate trihydrate using the different scientific glasswares. needle crystal, hot ice tower, colorful hot ice, etc.

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Super Cooling Water (Freezing at Different Temperatures)

During a recent cold spell I filmed a number of supercooled water freezing after being disturbed (I hit them). The effect is a wave-front of freezing water traveling ...

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Supercooling water - Instant Freezing

My second time experimenting with supercooling water. What is supercooling? Supercooling is the process of lowering the temperature of a liquid or gas below ...

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Empty Airbus A380 hitting Supercooled Water at 38,000 feet

Empty Thai Airways Airbus A380-800 is flying into storm clouds (Cumulonimbus) at 38000 ft, while encountering Super Large Droplets (SLD) from Supercooled ...

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supercooled water demo

simple demonstration of supercooled water and rapid nucleation.

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Supercooled Water

Main Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/crazyrussianhacker Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrazyRussianHacker.

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Solute segregation profile - part 2/2

This video is the second part of the lesson on solute segregation profile at microscale in the MOOC on \

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Supercooling Experiment 3

Making frozen drinks has never been easier. Supercooled water turns to slush on contact, ushering in a new era of mixology?

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Supercooling Water and Snap Freezing a Bottled Water - Smartwater

Supercooling, also known as undercooling, is the process of lowering the temperature of a liquid or a gas below its freezing point without it becoming a solid.

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Super cooling water!!!!!

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Supercooling Gatorade

My son trying supercooling Gatorade.

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PS4 Super Cooling Fan Review

This video is about PS4 Super Cooling Fan Review: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZWWMQYO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ...

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Supercooling Experiment 2

Supercooled water meets seed crystal and convices supercooled water to freeze.

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